DMC Services

  • Underwater Investigations and Surveys
  • Offshore wind turbine services
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) inspections
  • Underwater inspections in commercial ports and terminals to check the bottom and quays and other underwater installations like bridges, sewage discharge, rivers and streams etc.
  • Construction services
  • Environmental services
  • ROV Services
  • Underwater Service and Maintenance

Underwater inspection
Our ROV pilots can carry out all kinds of underwater inspections.

  • Flora and fauna counting
  • Visual geological inspections
  • Sediment samples
  • Searching for metals, explosives, lost objects and missing persons
  • Inspection of stone beds, excavations, foundations, anodes, scour protection, quays, shipwrecks, tanks, pipes, water canals, fuel facilities etc.


ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle
DMC can search and find objects on the seabed using the ROV underwater robots that are equipped with camera, light and other special function options.

If the assignment requires it the underwater robots can be fitted with USBL Tracking System.

We have extensive experience in serving energy companies and contractors during installation or supervision of offshore projects.

We have several ROV units and a team of experienced ROV pilots. We can quickly and efficient perform the assignments we get. If an assignment demands more or special equipment then we look upon it as our job to acquire the necessary. Our extensive experience with equipment and technical solutions mean that we are capable of choosing the right and best equipment for each job. It becomes part of our customized solution.

We solve assignments for a day or months depending on the job.


Reduce your costs on the service and inspection of offshore wind farms – use ROV underwater robot

In the North Sea the ROV can do the job approx. four times as quickly as the divers –  which means that you can do four times as many inspections per day as a diving team.
In contrast to a diving team that can only work approx. 2 hours every 6 hours in the North Sea because of the currents then our ROV is able to work in –  regardless to the currents – up to 3 meters waves and 2 knots current provided that the wessel can be sheltered and stable. That means that the efficiency is multiplied. Our ROV only needs a crew of 2-3 people whereas a diving team consists of 6-7 people. Which means that the solution of using a ROV is equal to a smaller wessel, less labor costs and more efficiency.
We also specializes in cable inspection which also can be done with great advantage.
The inspection can be done from a moving wessel – the ROV does not need an anchored wessel.
DMC only uses underwater robots from the Swedish company Ocean Modules AB  –  the best according to experts.
The ROV is equipped with a powerful manipulator arm and a BlueView high performance 2D imaging sonar specially engineered for underwater tasks.

Please contact us for further information.


Get better search options
DMC has invested in a BlueWiew sonar to one of their underwater robots which gives even better search options.
The sonar is a high performance 2D imaging sonar specially engineered for underwater tasks.
It operates while in motion delivering real-time imagery and data – it has really quick updates which makes it possible to follow the movements of the ROV in the water.
The new sonar operates at a viewing angle of 130 degrees.

DMC only uses underwater robots from the Swedish company Ocean Modules AB  –  the best according to experts.


ROV pilot
We have many years of experience as ROV pilots and we offer:

  • Cable inspection
  • Salvage of equipment
  • Inspection of foundations and installations
  • Inspection of the seabed and monitoring Acoustic core
  • Inspection of pile-driving at offshore wind farms
  • Inspection and documentation of an “air bubble” in a noise suppressor project
  • Searching and locating explosives and metal objects – Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
  • Salvage operations


Consulting services
DMC has extensive experience in managing various offshore projects. As we have a large network in the industry we can offer:

  • to obtain offers from relevant and competent suppliers
  • to establish timetables and coordinate offshore projects
  • to ensure that the project plan is kept at the agreed price and time
  • Project optimization and sparring

Download technical data on ROV


ROV technical data
Full 360° 3D ROV.
Standard features: camera, sonar and light source

DMC’s ROV robots is also equipped with a powerful manipulator arm and sonar

Control System: V8 360°
Classification: Inspection
Max depth: 1000 m (*)
Max range: 2500 m (*)
Length: 0,8 m
Width: 0,7 m
Height: 0,5 m
Weight: 60 kg
Power consumption: 5kW
Motor: 8x T110

(*) Inspections deeper than 500 metres require extra dense buoyancy material and fibre optic cabling.

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DMC underwater solutions – Claus Drechsler, DMC/ Drechsler Marine Consult offshore assignments with ROV underwater robots – Remotely Operated Vehicle – in connection with installations, maintenance and surveys. Claus Drechsler, DMC also performs consulting in connection with underwater projects.

DMC Underwater Services: Underwater Investigations and Surveys, Offshore wind turbine services, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) inspections, Construction services, Underwater inspections in commercial ports to check the bottom and quays and other underwater installations like bridges, sewage discharge, rivers and streams, Environmental services, ROV Services, pilots and operators, Underwater Inspection, Service and Maintenance.